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Wireless Data Transfer
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Wireless Data Transfer, Collection and Analysis, Measuring Processes Monitoring in Real Time

Wireless Data Transfer

Enable measuring without any wire. Realtime monitoring of measuring points or product anywhere, anytime from one place.

Mobile Device

Tablet / SmartPhone Android 6.0 and higher

Real Time Monitoring

Realtime monitoring of your measuring processes of your factories, lines, operations, products down to measuring point details.

Cloud Solution

Due to the Cloud Solution you have your data available anywhere, anytime, all the time. Streaming to your server or Integration with your ERP system ready.

How does it work?

Detailed description of each components of the Iconic Space system


Key Features of Iconic Space system

  • Real time measuring

    Real time measuring. Online management and data collection. Measuring data tracking down to measuring point.

  • Central quality

    Central quality and stability of measuring processes, management of workplaces, operators, products or measuring points.

  • Wirelessly

    Wirelessly, fully automatic, simultaneously, irrespective number of products, operation, production lines and workshopfloors. Both locally and remotely.

  • Automatic protocol generation

    Automatic protocol generation, approved deviation tracking. Charts, data analysing and reporting.

  • Quality and stability process management

    Quality and stability process management based on pre-defined values.

  • Third party measuring instruments support

    Third party measuring instruments support. Cloud solution available anywhere.

  • Integration to your ERP

    Integration to your ERP system by data migration.

  • Customer support 24/7

    Customer support 24/7. Online help, phone, email or chat.


Kinex Bearings a.s.

Bytca, Slovakia

Installed 30.11.2017, deployment in serial production


Buchlovice, Czech Republic

ERNSTPROFIL, spol. s r.o.

Lucenec, Slovakia

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